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Founded in 2013 as an initiative by Trans-Atlantic Business Services (TABS Inc.) the portal has as purpose to encourage and facilitate the growth of bilateral trade, business and cultural relationships between The Netherlands and the New York area.

The Dutch have played a central part in the history of both New York and The United States. Back in 1609, when ships of The Dutch East India Company sailed down the Hudson River, the initial contact between these two nations was made. Before being named New York City, the settlement founded at the southern tip of Manhattan was even called New Amsterdam. This connection, started over 400 years ago, has withstood the test of time as the transatlantic ties between the Netherlands and the United States have only grown stronger.

Today, over 25% of the foreign investments made by the US in Europe are received by the Netherlands, making the US the largest investor in the country. But it goes both ways seeing as Dutch companies employ over 800.000 workers in the United States and being the sixth largest investor with over $250 billion investments annually. These trade relationships have resulted in an influx of Dutch companies in the northeastern states of the US, which is the region that the Netherlands American Chamber of Commerce in New York will mainly focus on.

New York State, home to giant companies like ABN AMRO Bank, Elsevier, Heineken, ING, KLM and Rabobank, receives an annual input of $3.7 billion from the Netherlands, supporting well over 40.000 jobs.

Pennsylvania, with over 40.000 jobs created due to Dutch companies, has become the second home of Dutch businesses like Shell, Philips and Ahold. Pennsylvania is known to import products from the Netherlands for over $800 million dollars yearly.

New Jersey absolutely tops the import list of the northeastern states with a staggering $2.5 billion coming from the Netherlands on a yearly basis. Dutch companies like Unilever, AkzoNobel and DSM have been attracted by this state and decided to set up offices here.

Lastly, 16.1% of the foreign direct investments of Connecticut are obtained due to the Netherlands, creating well over 23.500 jobs statewide. Offices of both Unilever and ING can be found here.

As can be seen, the Netherlands is already very much present in the previously mentioned states. This presents for a lot of opportunities and possibilities, through strong economic ties between these two regions. The Netherlands American Chamber of Commerce in New York aims to further strengthen this bond through its activities by facilitating and encouraging the bilateral trade.

Companies in the area

Dutch businesses in New York have flourished. These are just some of the companies providing jobs and opportunities in the region.

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